My 8th graders began their egg tempera artworks today. They used powder tempera as pigment, egg yolk as binder, and water as solvent. Students mixed paint as they needed it at their tables.

After class, as students were filing out I overheard several variations of, ” I thought that was gonna be boring, but it was awesome and fun.”

They’re bummed that I’m absent tomorrow and they’ll have to wait until my return to continue.

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    When they’re finished, ill do a full LP write up…But to answer the immediate questions; 1. This is how most of medieval...
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    Oh my glob I love this…. how much pigment in the egg yolk. Doesnt the yolk make everything yellow? Will it mold over...
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    Art teachers bring to life the past and awaken the future.
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    If I can be 2/10ths this amazing lady, 2/10s my art history professor, 2/10s Jay, 2/10ths zteaching and 2/10ths myself...