Three years ago, I was still teaching K-12 Art at a private school. During that time, I made a lesson plan post about turning color wheels into hot air balloons. It is one of my more popular posts.

An internet Art-teacher friend, Sadie, saw the post. She sent me an emailing saying she was going to teach the lesson plan in her class. Earlier this week, Sadie sent me images of her students’ works.  Wow. She took my cutesy project, and made it about 100 times better.

And, this is why I love sharing lesson plans and will never charge for them. Sure, I often see a lesson plan posting on the internets that seems derivative of one of mine, but so long as the person isn’t pursuing monetary compensation for sharing, I’m happy. Sure, being cited as a source is nice, but honestly, I’m more interested in the collaborative sharing.  Isn’t is incredible that we are able to share and collaborate in this manner? . . across time and geography… and all for free!

I think the amazing works of Sadie’s students is evidence of the amazing world of online Art lesson plan sharing.

So, many thanks to Sadie for sharing!

P.S. Don’t you want to do her version of the lesson plan like tomorrow?!